I Will Always Be With You is a songfic by PrinceBalto.
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Nick and Judy will always be together


Nick and Judy are now happily married, and they are running their detective agency. However, when a big case comes up that causes them to have to be apart while Nick goes to help out, Judy sings this to help him. The song is from All Dogs go to Heaven 2.


Nick sighed sadly as he prepared to leave. He was dressed fully, and had all his gear with him. Judy watched him, knowing that he was sad to have to leave for the time being.

"Hey, sly fox, are you ok?" she asked her husband.

Nick sighed.

"No. I know that I have to do this, but I don't like leaving you," he said.

Judy smiled and held him. She looked into his eyes. Deep in her heart, deep in her soul, music played, and she began to sing:


I will always be with you

Makes no difference where your road takes you to

Even if we're apart

Now we're joined at the heart

Though our moment may be gone

You and I will still live on


I will always be with you

I'll be by your side whatever you do

Other memories may fade

But the ones that we made

Are eternal as a star

Now I'm part of who you are

Nick and Judy

And I'll be there with you in the sound of your laughter

I'll be in the tears you cry


Because the way you and I have touched one another

Nick and Judy

Doesn't end with goodbye


I will always be with you!

Nick and Judy

Like a guardian angel, constant and true

When you're lost in the night and you can't see the light

My love will see you through


I will always be there


You'll have me there

Nick and Judy

I will always be with you

Nick and Judy then shared a sweet, deep kiss. Judy smiled.

"Now, Nick, go and help keep Zootopia safe," she said.

Nick smiled.

"I will," he said.

With that, he left to do his detective work. Judy eagerly awaited his safe return.