" hey , why are you crying in the corner ?  "The bunny asked .

"Don't hurt me I have been muzzled and beaten ! "The boy scout

fox answered . "Why "? She answered .

"The other cub scouts kited me out and muzzled me because I am the only  predator  ." the fox said crying .

"oh you poor thing" ! the buuny answered  .

"what's your name "? The bunny answered .

" Nick ... Nick Wilde " . nick answered

" . I'm juddy hopps" . she answered

". Were is your mom ? "The Bunny said .  " She's at h.h. home ". the fox answered .  

"I can walk you home ". judy said .

"thanks . " nick said I will be your friend . Judy said . OK you seem nice . Nick said cheering up . nick walked with Judy home the rest of the night  to nicks home and they were best friends for now on and Judy didn't live far . the end   . 

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