As Revan already  knows on the canine fanon , some user in the named of Timmy smart works in trying to start an argument with me because I blocked him for a few good reason .

1 telling me you read the rules , and then you picture that doesn't go on the wiki. .

2 trying to out smart me with a link .

And now after I blocked him hes yelling at me on TWO other wikas and this is what he put : 

" if you block me again I will banned you forever " what did  I do ? Oh I know !!! MY JOB !!!!!!

" why did you block me " after I told him what he has done with a long message !!!!! 

Lying to me can hurt my feeling pretty badly and he was my friend and now he's treating me like some random person :( 

What's so wrong with doing my job , I don't care if he's my friend , Im still going to police him .

He actually made me cry .

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