Since there is a lot of interest in WildeHopps crossovers lately, I have decided to compile a list of all the non-Zootopia Disney characters that have been imported into my 2.0 continuity. In these incarnations, they are all anthro and in the Zootopia style. If you wish, you can also use them in a crossover.


  • Robin- Portrayed as Nick's father
  • Marian- Portrayed as Nick's mother
  • Vixey- Portrayed as Nick's cousin
  • Skippy- Portrayed as Judy's younger brother
  • Thumper- Portrayed as Judy's younger brother
  • Sis Rabbit- Portrayed as Judy's younger sister
  • Fuli- Portrayed as Clawhauser's daughter
  • Shere Khan- Portrayed as as a Zootopian crime lord
  • Zira- Portrayed as Shere Khan's wife
  • Rita (From Oliver and Company)- Portrayed as a businesswoman and the wife of my German shepherd OC Solomon.
  • Bolt- Portrayed as Solomon and Rita's son and a friend of Nick's
  • Bagheera- Portrayed as a professor at Zootopia University
  • Baloo- Portrayed as a pilot, similar to TaleSpin
  • Rebecca Cunningham- Portrayed as Baloo's wife and mother to his children (They have two and are married in my incarnation). Also owner of a airplane company.
  • Duchess- Portrayed as a famous harpist
  • Thomas O'Malley- Portrayed as the owner of a famous jazz club in downtown Zootopia and Duchess' husband.
  • Scamp and Angel- Imported by Eva, they are friends of Nick and Judy.

I will likely add more as time goes on. Enjoy! Also, feel free to suggest others if you wish.

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