Since we are growing, I thought I should make a description of the various continuities on the wik as a means of inspiring other users should they wish to make their owni:

  • Zootopia 2.0 continuity- A fanfic continuity made by PrinceBalto, with a character added by Eva1234dog. This is for the most part like the movie, but has several key differences, the main ones being that Nick has a legitimate job working for his parents' business, and he is in love with Judy from the moment he sees her. They start dating after Bellwether's arrest.As well, animal characters from other Disney films appear in the story, including Nick's parents, who are Robin and Marian from Robin Hood.
  • Zootopia: Friends Reunited continuity- A continuity by PrinceBalto with input from Eva1234dog, this one is closer to the film, with the exception of Nick having grown up in Bunnyburrow and being Judy's childhood best friend, with them falling in love after the arrest of Bellwether, similar to 2.0 continuity. Robin and Marian are Nick's parents here as well.
  • Mainline continuity- The actual continuity of the film, without enhancements or changes.
  • Indeterminate continuity- Stories that don't fit into any of the other continuities.

[More to come later.]

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