Hey everyone. Now that we have at least one admin and one member, I thought I'd make this. It is an explanation of some of the categories that are used. This is also to help mods put uncategorized pages into the right places:

  • PrinceBalto- Any fics by me.
  • Eva1234dog fanfics- Any fanfics by Eva, our other admin.
  • In the Zootopia universe- Stories set within the world of Zootopia itself.
  • Outside the Zootopia universe- Stories not set within the world of Zootopia. This are usualy parodies and the like.
  • Songfics- Stories that are or have a song in them.
  • Zootopia 2.0 continuity- Stories set in my 2.0 version of the Zootopia storyline
  • Zootopia: Friends Reunited continuity- Stories set in my version of Zootopia, Zootopia: Friends Reunited
  • Crossovers- Stories blending Zootopia and some other series

[More to come.]

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