I've decided to let you guys choose which Fanbox I make next. If you want me to make one, tell me the character's name, as well as a link to their page (obviously :V) as well as the character's main color scheme.

It can include their fur color(s), eye color, or even the color of the clothes that they wear the most, but you absolutely MUST give me multiple colors to work with. Be descriptive about them, tell me whether it is a very bright blue or a dark, nearly black blue. I need to know this if I'm going to make it.

All requests that I make will have the same syntax when you use them: (Put this in the source editor, it will not work in the visual editor) It will start with "{{Fanbox" followed by your requested character's first name, starting with a capital letter, and ending with "}}". Also, when you do use it, caps must be accurate, and there are never spaces.

Feel free to suggest your OC or character from the movie! 8)

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