I've made a few more templates that Eva suggested. They're called "Fanbox"'s. They're designed to go on a profile or maybe even a wall greeting, if you want. I'll make for for other characters, but here's the ones I've made so far:

This user is a fan of the OC Leandro Wilde!

This user is a fan of the OC Darla Wilde!

This user is a fan of the OC Ravi Delgado!

This user is a fan of Judy Hopps!

This user is a fan of Nick Wilde!

The syntax for each of them goes like this:






Again, I will make more for other various characters, both canon and OCs, but for now, enjoy the ones I've already made! Also, for the ones that I will make in the future, they will have the same concept, the word "Fanbox" followed by the first name, without a space in between. Enjoy! 8)

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