Okay, so I"ve been working on various templates, such as the one on the home page, but since I have done others, I thought I would explain about them.

The users of power template. You all know what this does, hence the result it gives which can be found on the bottom of the Main Page. Note that the page for this template itself is not protected, so that any user of power, able to edit protected pages or not, can put their name along with the others.

However, if users continuously add their names, despite not having the rights that they say they hav, it may have to be protected, so that any new users will not find the template, and go to ask a troll user for guidance. Although, this is very unlikely. The syntax to make the template appear has to be in the source editor, or it will not work. Here is what you must type in the editor to make it appear:


I have also made a heading template, which can be used as decoration. To make a heading say what you want it to, you must first put this in the source editor:


Followed by the text you want the heading to say, in this case, it will say "Summary"


The next few templates I have made are for backgrounds. These make your pages look nicer, but to edit the text itself on a page, you must do so in the source editor. Here is what you must put above the text that you want to have this background:


To make your background red, simply add "}}" after this code. If you want to make it blue, add "Blue}}" to the end. For orange, add "Orange}}" after it. The same concept applies for yellow, purple, pink, and green.

Also, please note that all templates are case sensitive, or else they will appear as a red link, or a wanted page.

Have fun using these templates, and have a good day.

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